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Mangold Design is an

award-winning strategic design

studio led by Annabel Mangold.

We specialize in creating

experiential pieces 

for socially-conscious projects,

and pride ourselves on having

multi-year relationships with our

clients who become family.

A bit of background...

I found my way into design as the culmination of multiple creative explorations while in search of my life's direction. 

My path began by discovering the artistry of words while studying poetry at The New School in New York. Subsequently, I learned the importance of spatial awareness and how physical spaces can transport one to other worlds while staging sites as an event planner in the Bay Area. I honed my ability to see and consider all perspectives by apprenticing for photographers in Alaska & Philadelphia; and, ultimately, I acquired the skills to put it all together in graduate school in Atlanta while studying design strategy.

Throughout my career in non-profits, hospitality, public relations, and start-ups, I've had the privilege of applying this sensory lens to life, people, and business.


We are lucky in that our clients are the smartest in the room, ready to create things of value while being unafraid to push boundaries.


We work collaboratively and iteratively, placing positivity and safe-place creation for all. (And are always seeking the soul of the project.)

We allow emotion to be our compass; of course, deliverables need to check all the boxes, but we also know sometimes the most valuable items and experiences aren’t even on the list to begin with...

We understand bridging the crevasse of a project's inception stage to the finished product is a paramount leap and partnering with a creative studio is no small undertaking.

For that reason, before we begin any partnership, we make sure we are not only philosophically aligned, but capable of delivering a successful outcome. 


Brand identity

Brand positioning/strategy

Brand guidelines



Logo design

Print design

Package design 

Product launch

UI / UX / UA

Web design/development

Art direction



Campaign development

Our sweet spot...

Is working with people and organizations with a big vision and are seeking assistance in getting there. 

Most often we are early partners in that co-creation, helping bring "that thing" to market.

We have long term partners who help us bring projects to life depending on scale. These include photographers, developers and illustrators.


Projects while similar are always unique. Sometimes a workshop and brand audit are required, sometimes the job requires all shareholders on board, and sometimes the project requires moving through a hive of disparate ideas and piecing together your genius into a cohesive final offering.


We are comfortable and thrive with project management, data analysis, and growing with you as you expand.

Each project has a unique roadmap suited for your project needs and is outlined and executed with lots of check-ins and mini celebrations along the way. We look forward to hearing from you and adding you to the family tree.

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